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Derek Fettback

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Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd.’s Indigenous and visible minority involvement philosophy is built on trust, openness and respect. WPE develops detailed, project-specific Participation Plans to support and engage the communities in which we work. This is achieved through candid and open communication and collaboration with our affiliates, employees, vendors, and business partners who share the same vision and principles, while respecting Indigenous traditions and customs.

As one of BC’s largest and most trusted electrical contractors, WPE’s goal is to offer a competitive and quality service model that provides opportunities for our Indigenous partners:

Key Objectives and Goals:

  • Providing training and employment opportunities;
  • Promoting contracting opportunities for Indigenous businesses;
  • Creating apprentice programs and/or professional service opportunities;
  • Building long-term and transferable skills for employers for future employment opportunities.

Western Pacific Enterprises looks forward to working with, and ensuring the greatest possible benefit, for local Indigenous communities.

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