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Our Reconciliation Commitment and Action Plan

TELUS, in partnership with Indigenous Peoples, is committed to progressing the path of reconciliation in a deeply meaningful way, and is dedicated to fulfilling our role and responsibilities in alignment with Indigenous-led frameworks of reconciliation. Our reconciliation strategy weaves together our strategic intent, TELUS values and corporate priorities with four guiding pillars where TELUS believes we can enable the greatest outcomes informed by Indigenous Peoples:

  • Connectivity
  • Enabling social outcomes
  • Cultural responsiveness & relationships
  • Economic reconciliation

Indigenous Advisory Council

Learning from Indigenous voices, TELUS has enlisted the services of experts in their field with lived experience to support our Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan (IRAP). The 10 advisors, including two youth members, will contribute strategic guidance on IRAP initiatives and provide their perspectives on how the initiatives can make meaningful progress towards reconciliation. In addition, they will advise TELUS in ongoing relationship development with Indigenous Peoples and share Indigenous values and teachings as respected voices of their communities.

Enabling Social Outcomes

Our corporate commitment to reconciliation looks beyond connectivity to enable communities for longer-term prosperity and success.

Mobility for Good for Indigenous Women at Risk is part of TELUS' larger response to the 231 Calls for Justice, specifically Call for Justice 15, established by Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report on Missing Murdered and Indigenous Women. It exemplifies how we are leveraging our technology to support Indigenous-led organizations and Indigenous-led solutions designed to advance Reconciliation.

In partnership with 11 Indigenous-led organizations, we have supported over 1,000 Indigenous women, girls or gender-diverse people to date. Together, we plan to expand the reach and impact of this program. The video below highlights some of the partner organizations' important work in providing life-saving services for women at risk of or surviving violence.

TELUS|Mobility for Good - Indigenous Women at Risk

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2022 Indigenous Reconciliation & Connectivity Report

Learn more about TELUS' reconciliation commitments and actions, and the remarkable outcomes that Indigenous communities are driving.

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Artwork: Hummingbird • Hldants’iixid, Cori Savard • Yahl ‘Aadas, Haida Nation
Photography: Taseko Lake, B.C., Mason Mashon, Saddle Lake Cree Nation

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Indigenous Communities Fund

The TELUS Indigenous Communities Fund provides flexible grants to Indigenous-led programs supporting Indigenous Peoples across Canada. Together, we can make the future friendly. That’s why TELUS is putting funds into the hands of Indigenous leaders and community groups who know their communities best. The TELUS Indigenous Communities Fund grants support Indigenous programs and community initiatives meeting social, health, cultural, and community needs.

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Artwork: Mouse Woman • Kuugan Jaad, Cori Savard • Yahl ‘Aadas, Haida Nation.

Photography: Fairy Creek, B.C., Mason Mashon, Saddle Lake Cree Nation


TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good

The TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good powers the biggest, boldest, bravest ideas and the next generation of startups building tech for good. We invest in entrepreneurs addressing the biggest challenges in health, education, agriculture and the environment, by connecting them with the resources and capital they need to grow and thrive.
The TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good showcases TELUS’ long-standing commitment to our communities by leveraging the power of technology to drive better social outcomes and economic growth. TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good was proud to announce a $2 million investment into the Raven Indigenous Impact Capital Fund (Raven), the world’s first Indigenous Impact Fund dedicated to addressing the systemic racism and colonization that have contributed to resourcing gaps for Indigenous entrepreneurs and enterprises. More recently, TELUS Pollinator Fund invested in Virtual Gurus.

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