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Being Canada’s Challenger Bank, Equitable Bank plus Concentra Trust are working together as one responsible financial institution focused on listening, learning and engaging with unique Indigenous partners, clients and their communities. Today they proudly partner with 10 First Nations and 1 Metis Nation coast to coast. Both Concentra’s trust and Equitable Bank’s financing solutions enable partnering First Nations to avoid costly legal contingency fees while pursuing specific claim settlements with the Federal government. They understand that as an institution and partner, their voice and support of economic reconciliation is something they can influence consistently, serving in good ways that enable financial strength and self-determination for Indigenous Nations, communities and people.

Unlike other bank-owned trust companies, Concentra Trust and Equitable Bank don’t provide direct investment management services to Indigenous Trust clients. Concentra Trust honours its independent fiduciary capacity and transparently provides personalized, boutique services and impartial guidance to support Indigenous clients and partners in their autonomy with greater control and oversight on their financial futures.