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Coastal GasLink Connector Newsletter Q1 2023

Our Story

Delivering a world-class project that will provide economic benefits for Indigenous communities, British Columbians and Canadians for decades to come has been a priority since day one. Our commitment on Coastal GasLink started nearly 10 years ago, and since that time, we have worked together to identify a path towards mutually beneficial relationships. These relationships have led to the creation of unprecedented agreements of support from all 20 Indigenous communities along our Coastal GasLink project corridor. Thanks to the collaboration with our Indigenous partners, we have worked together for outcomes that are better for both communities and the project, and it is an honour to have our Indigenous neighbours as business partners. Coastal GasLink continues to work closely with First Nations communities throughout the life of the project and we're proud to have awarded more than $1.6 billion in contracting opportunities to Indigenous and local businesses.

TC Energy has signed option agreements to sell a 10 per cent equity interest in Coastal GasLink to the CGL First Nations Limited Partnership (CGL FNLP) and the FN CGL Pipeline Limited Partnership. The opportunity was made available to all 20 Indigenous communities holding existing agreements with Coastal GasLink and is an important step on the path to true partnership through equity ownership in the Project.

Throughout the project, we have had thousands of meaningful interactions and engagements with Indigenous people that help guide the decisions we make every day, including consultation efforts that began before the Final Investment Decision in October 2018. We learned, listened and incorporated feedback where possible to accommodate for historical and culturally significant areas.