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The College of the BC Building Trades offers the most robust trades training programs in the entire province. Our students learn their craft under the guidance of tradespeople with extensive industry experience and knowledge, complemented by unprecedented access to a suite of wraparound supports to help them succeed along their educational journey.

With an emphasis on safety, our schools ensure apprentices continually advance in both their practical and classroom learning so that they ultimately acquire the skills and competencies needed to earn their Red Seal qualification. And with a Red Seal – the four-year equivalent of a bachelor’s degree – our students earn top wages and have the flexibility to work within their trade anywhere in Canada.

We have more than a dozen union training schools across the province offering apprenticeship in trades from heavy equipment operator and ironworker to electrician and insulator, and everything in between. We have more than 8,300 apprentices and trainees in our system, and our schools represent eight of the 10 largest sponsors of Indigenous apprentices in the province.

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