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TCS Jenny Karnjanavijaya,
Trade Commissioner, Pacific Regional Office

Thursday, May 26 between 12pm and 2pm PDT

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Friday, May 27 between 9am and 12pm PDT

Meet with Jenny via Google Meets


Now more than ever, the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is helping companies sell their products and services outside Canada by connecting them with its funding and support programs, international opportunities and its network of trade commissioners in more than 160 cities worldwide. Through our services, and by connecting you to other useful Government of Canada programs, we can help you grow abroad, even in these challenging times.

If you are an eligible Canadian business or organization, you can benefit from our three key services for free, including: Our network of more than 1,000 trade commissioners in over 160 cities across Canada and the world; funding to help you grow into international markets and access new opportunities; and support through tailored advice and guidance to help your business tap into specific audiences and enter new markets outside of Canada.


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