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The majority of mining industry operations and many development projects are located within, or immediately adjacent to, Indigenous Peoples’ traditional territories, making it vital to establish and maintain trust throughout the mining life cycle. Teck respects the rights, cultures, interests, and aspirations of Indigenous Peoples and, in the spirit of reconciliation, is committed to building strong and lasting relationships that help us understand each other’s perspectives and priorities.

At Teck, we strive to build meaningful, reciprocal relationships with Indigenous People wherever we work, and we design our engagement and community development programs in alignment with the unique needs and interests of each Indigenous government or organization.

Procurement with Indigenous businesses is a significant opportunity for Teck’s operations to contribute to Indigenous economies and to be the beneficiary of Indigenous business skills and entrepreneurship. In accordance with our Standards, our selection of suppliers considers representation from Indigenous or traditionally under-represented groups within each supplier’s ownership structure. Further, Teck invests in a wide range of initiatives and programs that benefit Indigenous Peoples on local, regional and national levels. This includes investments that support Indigenous language and cultural training, youth education and development, health and wellness programs, and various environmental initiatives.

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UN Women

UN Women and Teck extended their partnership to empower more Indigenous Women in Chile. This investment will provide a greater number of Indigenous women in northern Chile with access to tools and training to develop skills, build networks and improve their economic well-being through initiatives implemented by the Originarias Programme.

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Accelerated Leadership

In 2020, Red Dog initiated an Accelerated Leadership Development Program as part of NANA and Teck’s ongoing commitment to NANA shareholder leadership development. The objective of the program is to increase the number of shareholder-employees in senior roles.

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As the frequency and severity of B.C.’s wildfire seasons grows, Indigenous traditional knowledge around fire management is increasingly recognized for how it can help to not only manage fires, but also restore landscapes.At Teck’s Highland Valley Copper (HVC) Operations, we are working with Indigenous Peoples to incorporate traditional knowledge into our reclamation programs.

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